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Residency Program Resources

Residency accreditation is an important driver for excellence, serving as a bridge between education and practice.

ASHP is the only programmatic accreditor in the United States for pharmacy residency programs.

Residency Accreditation

Regulations on Accreditation of Pharmacy Residencies

PGY1 Accreditation Standards and CAGOs 

Accreditation Standards - PGY1 Pharmacy Residencies

PGY1 Competency Areas, Goals and Objectives

PGY2 Accreditation Standards and CAGOs 

Accreditation Standards - PGY2 Pharmacy Residencies

PGY2 Competency Areas, Goals and Objectives

Starting a Residency Program

Starting a Residency

Applying for Accreditation

Residency Accreditation Survey Readiness

After an Accreditation Site Survey

Modifying or Changing a Residency

Residency Program Design and Conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

Residency Accreditation Tools

Program Logo 


PhORCAS - Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service

National Matching Services

Accreditation-Related Online Education

Preceptor Toolkit (requires ASHP login to access resources)

Webinar: Optimizing GME Pass Through Reimbursement for Residency Training Programs [VIDEO 1:28:26] Handout [PPT] - 2017

Accreditation Services & Commission on Credentialing MCM 2020 Town Hall Presentation Update - December 2020

Communique - Accreditation Services Newsletter archive

ASHP Foundation Research Resources

Foundation Research Resources

Example Documents Section

Helpful Interview and Recruitment Resources

Preceptor Development Plan - Example 

Learning Activity - Example 

Rating Scale Definition - Example 

Certificate Requirements - Example 

PGY1 Completion Requirement Checklist - Example 

PGY1 Completion Requirements - Manual Excerpt - Example 

PGY2 Completion Requirements Checklist - Example 

Pharmacist Licensure Policy for Residents - Example 

Duty Hour Moonlighting Example Policy - Example

Duty Hour Moonlighting Alternate Example Policy - Example

Disciplinary and Dismissal Example 1 Policy - Example

Disciplinary and Dismissal Example 2 PolicyExample

HSPAL Resource Library to Support Didactic Learnings for CAGO - Access for Members

Student Membership and You

ASHP Student Membership

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About ASHP

We represent pharmacists who serve as patient care providers in acute and ambulatory settings.

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