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ASHP CEO Award for Staff Excellence

The CEO Award for Staff Excellence recognizes an individual staff member who, in addition to performing all his/her normal job duties with excellence, has also demonstrated exceptional initiative in contributing to ASHP. Specifically, this award recognizes a staff member who has provided an outstanding contribution by leading and/or developing a project of significant value for ASHP and/or has demonstrated sustained excellence over time to the advancement of ASHP.

The award will be presented annually during ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting.

2021 Recipients

Anna Legreid-DoppAnna Legreid Dopp
Senior Director, Clinical Guidelines and Quality Improvement
Office of Practice Advancement



Michael GanioMichael Ganio
Senior Director, Pharmacy Practice and Quality
Office of Practice Advancement



Elaine JimenezElaine Jimenez
Editorial Coordinator, AJHP and Special Publishing
ASHP Publishing Office


Criteria and Eligibility

In providing a major contribution to ASHP or developing or leading a project of significant value for ASHP, a staff member must have demonstrated sustained excellence in work performance; acted as a team player, and highly encouraged teamwork among others; exhibited an extraordinary level of initiative to improve his/her individual skills and knowledge, and shared knowledge freely with others; and demonstrated initiative and creativity resulting in improved and visible organizational efficiency.

To receive this award, a staff member must:

  • Be an employee of ASHP or the ASHP Foundation and    
  • Demonstrate a sustained work record of excellence.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team are not eligible.

Nominating Instructions

Nominations can be submitted by any employee of ASHP or the ASHP Foundation.  The call for nominations will launch in late June each year.

Past Recipients

2020 Maria F. Carias, Goldie T. Holloman and Eric M. Maroyka
2019 David F. Chen and Verna L. Reed
2018  Tracy J. Yaklyvich
2017 Anita R. Lonesome and Maryam R. Mohassel
2016 Bruce H. Hawkins
2015 Cheryl L. Imirie, Linda S. Leishear, and Elaine K. Snow
2014 Fran Lappin Byrnes
2013 Paula S. Tiedemann
2012 Joseph M. Hill and Diane McCleskey