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Past Recipients

2023  Vincent T. Idemyor
 United States/Nigeria
2022  Toyin Tofade United States
2021  Lijian “Leo” Cai United States/China
2020 Anthony Serracino-Inglott
2019  Albert I. Wertheimer  United States
2018 Abdul Latif Sheikh Pakistan
2017  Marianne F. Ivey United States
2016 Lee C. Vermeulen United States
2015 Roberto Frontini Germany
2014 Andrew Lofts Gray South Africa
2013 Eduardo Osvaldo Savio Quevedo Uruguay
2012 Henri R. Manasse, Jr. United States
2011 Barry R. Goldspiel United States
2010 Agathe Wehrli Switzerland
2009 William A. Zellmer United States
2008 Jacqueline Surugue France
2007 Toshitaka Nabeshima Japan
2006 Philip J. Schneider United States
2006 Thomas S. Thielke United States
2005 Colin R. Hitchings United Kingdom
2004 Dwight R. Tousignaut United States
2003 Toby Clark United States
2001 Joaquin Ronda Beltran Spain
1996 Carl D. Lyons United States
1995 Gloria N. Francke United States
1986 Joseph A. Oddis United States
1978 T. Douglas Whittet United Kingdom
1971 Donald E. Francke United States


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