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Council on Pharmacy Management

Concerned with ASHP professional policies related to the leadership and management of pharmacy practice.

Within the Council’s purview are (1) development and deployment of resources, (2) fostering cost-effective use of medicines, (3) payment for services and products, (4) applications of technology in the medication-use process, (5) efficiency and safety of medication-use systems, (6) continuity of care, and (7) related matters.

2022-2023 Term

Name Position State
Christopher Scott Chair Indiana
Christy Norman Vice Chair Georgia
Thomas Achey Member Alabama
Ryan Costantino Member Texas
Kathy Ghomeshi Member California
Davey Legendre Member Georgia
Jennifer Miles
Member Florida
Joseph Pinto Member New York
Ellen Revak Member Wisconsin
Tara Vlasimsky Member Colorado
Jason Wong Member Oregon
Utoy Wong Student Georgia
Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer Board Liaison New York
Eric Maroyka Secretary Maryland
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