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What is ASHP-PAC?

Political action committees raise money to help identify and support political candidates. ASHP-PAC is the only political action committee focused on the issues that impact the professional needs of pharmacists who practice in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. Our PAC is a way for ASHP members to combine our resources and support congressional candidates who understand and champion the role of pharmacists as patient care providers.

What does ASHP-PAC do?

  • Builds relationships with members of Congress.
  • Educates members of Congress about the issues that you face.
  • Supports the election of candidates sensitive to pharmacists’ patient care role .

What candidates will ASHP-PAC support?

ASHP-PAC supports pharmacy-friendly congressional candidates with contributions to their campaign, political, or leadership committees. ASHP-PAC is bipartisan. The majority of the recipients of ASHP-PAC contributions serve on committees that address healthcare issues.

Who can join ASHP-PAC? Are there maximum or minimum requirements?

All members of ASHP, their families, and ASHP staff are eligible to participate. While contributions at any amount are greatly appreciated, the maximum individual contribution amount allowed by law is $5,000 per year.   Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purpose. The PAC can only accept personal funds—corporate funds are prohibited.

Don’t my dues go towards advocacy efforts?

Federal law prohibits organizations from using member dues to contribute to candidates for office. Member dues support ASHP’s work on advocacy issues with lawmakers, including letters to Congress, comment letters to federal agencies, and meetings with legislators and their staff.

How do I learn more?

Contact Nicholas Gentile, ASHP director state grassroots advocacy and political action, at 301-664-8687 or [email protected].