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Joseph A. Oddis AJHP Collection

This collection contains Joseph A. Oddis’s contributions to AJHP from October 1957 through August 1996. A curated collection of AJHP articles that describe Dr. Oddis’s numerous contributions to pharmacy and healthcare is also included.

In His Own Words

The American Hospital Association and Hospital Pharmacy 

1958 Institutes on Hospital Pharmacy 

Salt Lake City June 15-20 

1960 Institutes on Hospital Pharmacy 

As the Secretary Sees It 

As the Secretary Sees it 

Division of Hospital Pharmacy 

Dear Sirs 

Pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacy 

Division of Hospital Pharmacy 

The Next Five Years of the ASHP—A Projection 

Facing Up to Hospital Pharmacy Man-power Needs

Commitment and Involvement 

Current and future pharmacy initiatives in institutional and corporate practice 

Pharmacy and the health-care environment 

Future Practice Roles in Pharmacy 

Revisiting “The strengths of pharmacy”: The 1953 Remington Medal address 

Advancing our membership in a time of change 

Mastering the forces of change 

Preparing for our future

News and Biographical Articles

Oddis with A.H.A. 

Oddis Speaks in Japan as Guest of Nippon Hospital Pharmacists Association 

Joseph A. Oddis marks 25 years as chief executive officer of ASHP 

Joseph A. Oddis receives Remington Honor Medal 

Oddis calls FIP "an international force" as presidency ends

Oddis, Schondelmeyer Open Illinois Council Annual Meeting 

Praise for ASHP—A tribute to leaders

Joseph A. Oddis Endowment established 

American pharmacy in the twentieth century 

Joseph A. Oddis: Influences and achievements 

The Joseph A. Oddis Endowment 

Oddis Endowment receives large gifts from industry

ASHP’s Oddis receives eponymous FIP award 

A cornerstone of modern institutional pharmacy practice: Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy 

Creation of the ASHP residency accreditation program: The choices of early leaders

Joseph A. Oddis honored at ASHP headquarters dedication 

Oddis, ASHP members honored as fellows of FIP