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About New Practitioners Forum

Creating the future of pharmacy.

The New Practitioners Forum is an exciting and active home for new pharmacist graduates transitioning into residency, Fellowship, or professional practice. The New Practitioners Forum serves as the organizational home within ASHP for pharmacists within their first five years of practice.


Increase engagement within ASHP by providing a community and collective voice for new practitioners as they transition into pharmacy practice.


ASHP is the professional home for future pharmacy practice leaders.

2021 – 2022 Strategic Goals

GOAL 1: Support new practitioner members personally and professionally with optimizing the care they provide to their patients. 


  1. Advocate for new practitioner members to practice at the full extent of their scope.
  2. Identify and promote clinical practice resources. 
  3. Develop programs and resources to support new practitioner well-being and resilience.
  4. Develop and promote contributions to the growth of the pharmacy profession through research and quality improvement.

GOAL 2: Support career and leadership development in advancing the evolving educational and informational needs of new practitioner members.


  1. Provide programs and resources that assist members through career and transitions.
  2. Provide programs and publications that respond to educational and informational needs. 
  3. Promote leadership and engagement opportunities for members within the Forum and ASHP.

GOAL 3: Promote growth and retention of membership through active involvement in ASHP.


  1. Identify and actively address career transitions during Forum tenure to encourage member retention.
  2. Enhance visibility and awareness of membership benefits and member accomplishments. 
  3. Expand collaboration between Forum members and others in ASHP.

GOAL 4: Facilitate new practitioner engagement in advocacy and practice advancement initiatives.


  1. Generate awareness and encourage participation of members in professional policy development.
  2. Create awareness and foster opportunities for members to participate in advocacy activities. 
  3. Create awareness, alignment, and utilization for the Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) 2030.
  4. Encourage involvement in the ASHP Political Action Committee (PAC).

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