ASHP Vaccine Confidence Toolkit

This ASHP Vaccine Confidence Toolkit assists healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, to build vaccine confidence among their team, patients, and community.

The toolkit consists of sections highlighting key resources for vaccine education, confidence, and patient advocacy.



Addressing Vaccine Misinformation and Conversation Resources

This section offers a diverse range of user-friendly educational resources, including infographics, videos, and interactive content, to explain vaccines and their significance, while providing links to reliable sources such as official health organizations, along with downloadable materials, catering to parents, healthcare professionals, and community leaders to promote vaccine education and advocacy.

Conversation Starters for Healthcare Professionals

Conversation Starters for Parents

Promoting Health Equity


Vaccine Confidence

Vaccine Benefits and Impact

This section provides resources that describe the numerous benefits of vaccination, including disease prevention, reduced illness severity, and supporting compelling real-life success stories.

Vaccine Basics and General Principles for Patients

MythBusters and FAQs


Special Populations

Vaccine Schedules and Information

This section provides recommended vaccination schedules and information for different age groups, including infants, children, adolescents, adults, older adults, and special populations that can be utilized by both healthcare professionals and patients.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Special Populations

Resources for Patients