About the Pharmacy Student Forum

The Pharmacy Student Forum serves as the organizational home within ASHP for Student Pharmacists. The Student Forum helps prepare ASHP student members for successful careers in hospital and health-system practice, equipping them with the skills to lead our profession into the future.

The Student Forum provides:

  • Residency Preparation Resources
  • Career Development Resources
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Connections
  • Guided Mentorship
  • AHFS Drug Information
  • Practice Resources

Pharmacy Student Forum’s Mission

The mission of the ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum is to  represent student pharmacists, to provide professional development resources, and develop an engaged community that will lead and advocate for the pharmacy profession.

Pharmacy Student Forum’s Vision

To be the professional home for student pharmacists that supports the development of future practitioners and leaders.

Goal 1

Cultivate a community of student pharmacists who are actively engaged in ASHP as their preferred professional home


  • Create awareness and support of members in advocacy and ASHP policy development
  • Promote the value of ASHP membership to increase growth and retention of student members
  • Utilize various channels to promote and provide opportunities for networking
  • Encourage and promote opportunities to participate in ASHP programs and events
  • Maximize the capabilities and value to student members on ASHP’s website and digital ecosystem
  • Encourage and provide opportunities to cultivate mentoring relationships

Goal 2

Assist student pharmacists in career development to successfully transition to a new practitioner

  • Provide resources and guidance to support health-system pharmacy career exploration
  • Educate about the opportunities and benefits of remaining actively engaged in ASHP throughout ones’ professional career
  • Encourage students to pursue formal and informal leadership opportunities and enhance their leadership skills

Goal 3

Promote and support student pharmacists in the pursuit of residency training


  • Educate and convey the value of residency training
  • Highlight the diversity of pharmacy residency options available
  • Provide resources for navigating the residency preparation and application process
  • Promote scholarly activities (publication, research, presentations etc.)

Goal 4

Facilitate student pharmacists engagement in ASHP Strategic initiatives


  • Create awareness and support for the Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI 2030)
  • Acknowledge, improve, and promote the well-being and resilience of student pharmacists
  • Utilize tools, resources, and educational offerings to support ASHP Strategic initiatives
  • Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for student pharmacists

Goal 5

Support ASHP Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP) to strengthen their development


  • Support the establishment of SSHPs in achieving and maintaining the goals and requirements of ASHP recognition
  • Promote the utilization of existing resources for SSHPs
  • Utilize outreach strategies to build relationships with SSHPs and strengthen alignment with ASHP
  • Facilitate communication between SSHPs to share best practices