CV Review Program

ASHP created the bi-annual CV Review Program to assist pharmacy students and new practitioners in developing an effective CV. Any ASHP pharmacy student or new practitioner member may submit a CV for review, however, priority will be given to graduating students and residents.

Submitted CVs will be assigned to volunteer reviewers who are experienced ASHP members dedicated to providing quality feedback.

Submitters: You will be asked to submit a Word version of your CV saved with the following file name: “LastName_FirstName_CV”. Only submissions following this filing nomenclature will be accepted.

Reviewers: When signing up, you can select to review just one CV or as many as 10, along with what type (student, resident, new practitioner). Once volunteers are provided CVs for review, constructive feedback is submitted directly to the CV submitter via email. This is a quick and satisfying opportunity to mentor students and new practitioners.

Note:The next cycle of the CV Review Program will open in Fall 2024.

CV Review Program Timetable

Spring 2024 Virtual Cycle
Feb15 - March 17 Resume/CV Submissions Accepted
March 18 -March 22 CVs Assigned to Reviewers
March 22 -April 24 CV Review Period
April 24 Deadline for Reviewers to Provide Feedback to Submitters

Participate in the CV Review Program

NOTE: You must have an active ASHP membership to participate in this program as a reviewer or a submitter. All participants must create a new account login on the submission site for each CV Review Period.

Thank You CV Reviewers

ASHP would like to thank all the reviewers who volunteered their time to provide feedback on CVs submitted for the most recent sessions of the CV Review Program. Without their support, ASHP would not be able to offer this valuable career development program to our members.