AJHP Online and Print

  • Logging into AJHP Online is accomplished through our Publisher (OUP). Visit their site and select the “Sign In” tab in the top right corner (pictured below)
  • Please be sure that you are signing in here: using the “Sign in via Society Site” option:
  • AJHP Online and Print

  • If you are already logged in to our main  website, the site will redirect you back to the AJHP Homepage and clicking this  sign in option will refresh the page, automatically allowing you access to AJHP  Issues.
  • If you accidentally created an account on OUP in an attempt to use those fields, simply log out of that account and follow the correct login process pictured above.
  • Once you have logged in, you will not receive a confirmation, but will be able to access articles successfully.
  • Note: if you login using the “Username” and “Password" fields not highlighted above, you will not gain access to the AJHP Issues.