Membership Enrollment

Membership FAQs

My Institution is paying for my Membership. Why do I see a balance on my account when I login?

This balance is your Renewal offered by ASHP. If your Institution intends to pay this balance, feel free to disregard it within your ASHP Account or print it for their reference. Customer Relations can offer an invoice for existing Renewals. If you are not currently a Member and wish to enroll, invoices are not possible, but a Membership Application form is available here: Membership Application Form

The cancellation policy states that my monthly payment plan cannot be cancelled without a balance due. How am I supposed to avoid charges if the month-to-month structure automatically renews?

Cancellation of the automatic renewal is possible by contacting Customer Relations. Doing so will schedule your Membership to end at the end of your current cycle. You are also able to request cancellation prior to the renewal of your current Membership cycle. Once the Membership renews, you are committed to the current cycle. Cancel in advance to avoid being obligated the year’s cost. View Membership Cancellation Policy.

What do I do with my Student Membership now that I am a Resident and/or New Graduate?

We normally encourage New Graduates to allow their Memberships to update naturally at the end of the year to avoid paying twice in one year. This will not affect your registration or status recognition at the meeting. This is a common online difficulty encountered due to the membership cycle not lining up with most Student Graduation Dates. You do not have to purchase your Resident Membership early in order to receive Resident Status for the Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. You can now also select your desired status for attendance at the Meeting when registering online by choosing from the Rates Drop Down offered as you begin to register. We would be happy to create this registration for you manually via phone or fax request.

  • For Customer Service Phone Assistance: 1-866-279-0681
  • For Fax Requests: 301-657-1251

If my Membership lapses in the middle of my Recertification Subscription, will my monthly payments be affected?

Membership determines your monthly payment amount. If your Membership lapses, your monthly payment will increase to the Non-Member Monthly Rate of $24 once the system recognizes the change in Membership Status. This may occur in a retroactive balance due for the months between Membership lapsing and your Subscription updating to the Non-Member Rate.
Subscriptions cannot be cancelled upon enrollment. For more information, refer to the Terms and Conditions Agreement offered to you at the time of enrollment. Once enrolled, subscribers are obligated to the full balance agreed upon. Failure to pay the balance obligation may result in penalties to your ASHP Account.

Does ASHP offer discounts on the price of Membership?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts to the price of enrolling in ASHP Membership. Institutions interesting in purchasing Memberships in bulk for employed individuals should contact [email protected].

How do I edit my email preferences?

Visit “My Account” to edit your email preferences under the “Contact Information” section. Your Username and your Primary Email must always match. An account can only have one Primary Email and this email cannot be utilized on multiple accounts as the primary email. Adding secondary emails allows us to contact you from multiple preferred addresses.

I would like to only receive the AJHP electronically moving forward. How do I opt out of the print subscription?

Contact Customer Relations to opt out of print AJHP: [email protected] (or via the chat option in the bottom right of the page). This update will not affect your online access to the AJHP website. 

I have not received my AJHP subscription via mail for some time and would like to check on my subscription.

Please contact Customer Relations for assistance. The address utilized during your Membership Enrollment should be receiving the AJHP journals twice a month: [email protected] (or via the chat option in the bottom right of the page). Please let us know the last issue received and the preferred/expected address for receipt. We will contact our Publisher to confirm successful shipments and request replacement issues.

Why does my Membership show less months than the recent promotion offering extended Membership?

The advertised promotion is geared towards New Members. If you are renewing your Membership late (after your last cycle expired), you will have to contact Customer Relations to request that your Renewal Order be updated to reflect your enrollment date and include the extension from our current Renewal Season’s promotion.

Non-Deductible Portion of Dues

A portion of the ASHP dues is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that ASHP engages in certain lobbying activities. Payments to ASHP are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. ***The increase from prior years is due to our increased spending on Provider Status efforts. For U.S. tax returns, the non-deductible portion of ASHP dues for:

2024 is 17% 2018 is 16% 2012 is 16%
2023 is 19% 2017 is 10% 2011 is 19%
2022 is 23% 2016 is 40% *** 2010 is 21%
2021 is 21% 2015 is 22% 2009 is 35%
2020 is 19% 2014 is 16% 2008 is 19%
2019 is 17% 2013 is 18%