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ASHP New Practitioners Forum Leadership

Executive Committee Appointments

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ASHP Pharmacy Practice Sections

New practitioners are encouraged to get involved in the ASHP Pharmacy Practice Sections and utilize the resources available to assist them in their practice needs.

Ambulatory Care Practitioners

Inpatient Care Practitioners

Pharmacy Informatics and Technology

Clinical Specialists and Scientists

One opportunity to begin Section involvement is by serving as a Network Facilitator. The Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists have established networking groups to meet the needs of specialty practitioners. Networking groups represent contemporary specialty areas for practitioners to discuss clinical or administrative issues. Learn more about network facilitator scope and responsibilities.

Pharmacy Practice Managers



Submit an Article to the AJHPNew Practitioners Forum column

The New Practitioners Forum column is published on a regular basis in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy (AJHP). The column features articles that address the special professional needs of pharmacists early in their careers as they transition from students to practitioners. Authors include new practitioners or others with expertise in a topic of interest to new practitioners. AJHP readers are invited to submit topics or articles for this column to the New Practitioners Forum by mail at 4500 East-West Highway, Suite 900 , Bethesda, MD 20814 or by email.

Volunteer as an AJHP Reviewer

Grow your editorial experiences by serving as a reviewer for AJHP. Register at AJHP’s Web-based manuscript submission and review system and enter your contact information and areas of expertise. An editor will contact you when you are selected to review a manuscript.

Other Involvement Opportunities

State Affiliate Organization Involvement

ASHP State Affiliates provide a great way for new practitioners to network, advocate, publish, and lead in their local professional communities. Check out the new practitioner benefits of getting involved with a state affiliate.

CV Review Program

Mentor a student CV during the Fall or Spring online sessions of the CV Review Program. You select the number of CVs that you want to review during the specified time period. A good rule of thumb is 1 hour per CV.

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Member-only section discussions, blogs and announcements

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Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies

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About ASHP

We represent pharmacists who serve as patient care providers in acute and ambulatory settings.

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Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies

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