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​Commission on Goals

Reviews trends in healthcare delivery and advises ASHP on broad strategic and health policy issues that have a bearing on pharmacy practice.

Lisa Gersema Chair Minnesota
Paul Bush Vice Chair North Carolina
Paul Abramowitz   Maryland
Peter Angood   Florida
Jennifer Bae   Washington, DC
David Bates   Massachusetts
Jennifer Covich Bordenick   Washington, DC
David Carnahan   Pennsylvania
Rich Caruana   Washington
Bonnie Clipper   Maryland
Anupam DattaMajumdar   California
Susan Dentzer   Washington, DC
Douglas Fridsma   Maryland
Jennifer Jacobs   Iowa
Christopher Khoury   Washington, DC
Drew Ladner   Washington, DC
Tina Moen   Colorado
Prad Prasoon   Texas
Suchi Saria   Maryland
Kasey Thompson Secretary Maryland
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We represent pharmacists who serve as patient care providers in acute and ambulatory settings.

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