ASHP Announces New ASHP Leadership Center and Pharmacists in C-Suites Membership Group

Dear Colleagues,

Throughout our 80-year history, ASHP has been committed to advancing the profession of pharmacy and the increasingly diverse roles of the pharmacy workforce. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, so too does ASHP, as we offer new opportunities for the expanded roles of our members by providing education, training resources, and networking opportunities that promote growth in all levels of pharmacy and health-system leadership.

As part of our commitment to supporting the pharmacy workforce and the patients they serve, I am excited to announce that we are launching the ASHP Leadership CenterTM, an important membership benefit to help our members achieve their full clinical and administrative leadership capacity. This latest offering will coordinate and position resources to facilitate the continuity of leadership development for all of our members—from students to seasoned executives—and include professional development opportunities, networking and mentorship, and credentialing of leadership skills and expertise. The center provides a cohesive continuum throughout one's leadership journey, aligning the full spectrum of ASHP's leadership resources to advance our vision that the pharmacy workforce is prepared and leveraged to serve as leaders at every level of their organization.

The new ASHP Leadership Center supports several goals of ASHP's strategic plan by facilitating the preparation of the pharmacy workforce so that they can advance efforts to optimize the health of patients across the continuum of care. In just the past two years, ASHP has accelerated our efforts in this area, including the recent launch of the Pharmacy Administration and Leadership Residents' Collaborative, the Pharmacy Executive Leadership Alliance (PELA)®, and the Certified Pharmacy Executive Leader (CPELSM) credential program. These component groups and services continue to build out the depth and breadth of knowledge, connectivity, and engagement pioneered by the Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders, the ASHP Foundation's leadership initiatives, and other ASHP clinical and administrative resources that further elevate ASHP's support for the nation's hospitals and health-system leaders of tomorrow.

As part of the center's launch, ASHP will also be creating a new membership group for Pharmacists in C-Suites to represent pharmacist executives with expanded roles beyond the pharmacy enterprise. ASHP believes that hospital and health-system pharmacy leaders are well positioned to serve as highly-effective C-suite executives based on the education and training they receive. They are well versed in the growing clinical complexity of practice, the impact of pharmacy operations on enterprise-wide fiscal performance, the continued diversification of service lines, and the overall medication-use process in hospitals and health systems.

As the skills of hospital and health-system pharmacists become more widely recognized among healthcare leadership, we are seeing an increasing number of our members serving in high-level executive positions, including CEOs, COOs, and hospital presidents, along with vice presidents and executives of service lines outside of pharmacy.

Pharmacists in C-Suites will provide a new membership home for these executives and focus on creating valuable connections and peer networking within the group. There will also be opportunities for current pharmacists in C-suite roles to mentor future leaders, stimulating pathways for advancement into executive and C-suite leadership positions in hospitals and health systems. Further, Pharmacists in C-Suite participants will provide ongoing strategic advice to ASHP and our members on a broad array of important healthcare issues.

The ASHP Leadership Center and the new Pharmacists in C-Suites membership group reinforce ASHP's long-standing commitment to leadership development, adding to a robust offering of services to attract, engage, retain, and elevate pharmacy leaders across the continuum of professional careers within healthcare.

ASHP remains committed to supporting each and every one of our members throughout your unique leadership journeys. I look forward to sharing more details on these exciting new offerings over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I encourage those interested in ASHP's offerings for seasoned and emerging leaders to review the programs for our upcoming ASHP Conference for Pharmacy Leaders and the Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. Both meetings offer extensive, unique leadership programming and networking opportunities that are unparalleled in pharmacy.

As always, thank you for all that you do for your patients and our profession.



Posted on September 26, 2022