Pharmacy Administration and Leadership Residents’ Collaborative

The Pharmacy Administration and Leadership Residents’ Collaborative (PALRC) is designed to serve as a home within ASHP for unique offerings for the Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership (HSPAL) resident community (including related programs such as community-based or specialty pharmacy administration and leadership). PALRC builds on existing ASHP opportunities for the HSPAL community and provides enhanced services, member resource development, and engagements with the Pharmacy Executive Leadership Alliance (PELA)®, the Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders, the ASHP Foundation, and other ASHP resources that further elevate ASHP’s support for the nation’s hospitals and health-system leaders of tomorrow.

To enhance and expand opportunities for HSPAL residents as future chief pharmacy officers and executives, pharmacy managers, and directors, the PALRC will establish an advisory committee of HSPAL residents and three workgroups that focus on:

  • Providing a professional community within ASHP for HSPAL residents as they transition into pharmacy practice leadership.
  • Developing and promoting contributions to the growth of the pharmacy profession through research and quality improvement.
  • Promoting leadership and engagement opportunities for HSPAL residents, including opportunities with PELA and ASHP’s Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders that support early career development.

Pharmacy Administration and Leadership Residents’ Collaborative experiences include:

Participation as a volunteer:

  • Each year from February to May 1 applications for appointment to the PALRC leadership committees and workgroups will be open to recently matched and rising PGY2 administration and leadership residents. Learn more and complete the electronic application form to submit your application.  
  • Volunteer on PALRC workgroups to create programming, resources, and tools to support the advancement of pharmacy practice and the HSPAL community.

Participation as a HSPAL community member:

  • Participation in the many annual events designed to connect directors, program directors, residents, and aspiring future HSPAL residents.
  • Support the efforts of the PALRC work groups’ projects to advance their training and resources to promote leadership development, practice advancement, research, and networking.

Coordination and Collaboration of HSPAL Residents and Leaders Across ASHP:

  • PALRC will serve as a coordination point for HSPAL residents in the many volunteer opportunities across ASHP including the New Practitioners Forum, the Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders, and Councils.
  • Collaboration of HSPAL resident projects across ASHP and program leaders' continued efforts to grow, improve, and strengthen connectivity among all HSPAL residency programs.

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