Continuing Education Enrollments

ASHP offers coursework to assist you with your professional development and maintaining your certification as you progress through your career. Whether you are interested in becoming a Pharmacy Technician or gaining Recertification for your Board of Pharmacy Specialties Certification, we have products and services geared towards you.

Our vast catalog for your CE needs may take some assistance to navigate. Utilize the questions and links provided below to better understand how to fulfill your CE requirements.

BPS Specialty Review and Recertification can be found under “Certification” and/or “Certification Resources.” Be sure that you are selecting the right product type for your needs: “Recertification” if you are already certified and “Certification Preparation” if you are studying to take the exam for a specialty.

In addition to our BPS offerings, we also separately offer Certificate Programs, General CE Credit, Pharmacy Technician Credit, Live Webinars, and more. Visit our eLearning Catalog to view all offerings in one place.

Our coursework is primarily online for CE offerings, accessible after purchase here: My Learning Activities.

How do I find Technician/Pharmacist Credit?

ASHP includes the ACPE Number of all courses within the product summary. Within that summary, you should be able to refer to the last letter of the ACPE Number to confirm the intended audience for the course. Courses ending in P are for Pharmacists while courses ending in T are for Technicians. See more information on ACPE Designations here:

How do I find Law Credit?

There are two ways to locate the desired credit type while browsing ASHP Coursework. First, search the catalog using the tag options on the right. Law is a default tag that will pull up relevant coursework. You can verify you are on the correct course for your law CE by reading the ACPE Number included in the course summary page. For more information on how to utilize the ACPE Number to verify:

How do I print my CE activity?

Once you have successfully completed your evaluation and claimed your credit, the “Claim” button will update to a “Print” option that offers your Statement of Completion. Note: ASHP does not offer Certificates for all coursework. Your statement of completion will be your certificate, unless you are taking one of our official Professional Certificate Programs.

How long will it take to complete this product?

Each course lists the credit hours within. The number of credit hours can be utilized as a measure of the estimated time to complete a course. You are working at your own pace. The course may take longer as a result. Note: once you begin an online course, ACPE Requirements dictate that it must be completed within 60 days or the activity will no longer be valid to claim CE.

What is the refund policy for ASHP CE?

Courses purchased through ASHP are non-refundable. If you have any questions or concerns prior to purchasing a course, please feel free to reach out to Customer Relations to clarify expectations. We are happy to assist via phone, email, or online chat.

Who do I direct my content questions to?

For content questions, Customer Relations ([email protected]) is happy to forward you inquiry directly to content creators. Your questions will receive a response within 48 hours maximum. 

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

ASHP accepts Purchase Orders from Institutions intending to purchase for employees. Note that the Purchase Order must include relevant information such as the name or ASHP Account Number of the recipient so that the course can be placed in their name. This will allow them to complete the course online. For bulk purchases, individual names are not required for each recipient, but the name of Account Number of the bulk subscription administrator should be supplied instead. This individual will be able to monitor redemption codes supplied in association with the bulk purchase(s).

Does ASHP offer CE in print book form?

ASHP’s Continuing Education for credit is online only. View our Main Catalog to discover CE options ideal for your Professional Development needs.

What will happen to my subscription if I purchase/cancel my Membership?

Monthly Payments are subject to increase should your ASHP Membership lapse. Recertification Plans that are on monthly payments are either paid in a one-time lump sum or via monthly installments. These subscriptions cannot be cancelled upon enrollment. For more information, refer to the Terms and Conditions Agreement offered to you at the time of enrollment.
3-Year Recertification Plan Agreement
Review and Recertification Reward Program Agreement

What happens to my activity after it expires?

For Recert: The activity will still show in their eLearning account but they will not be able to access any of the content.

Review/Prep: The activity will still show in their eLearning account. As long as they have accessed it prior to the expiration date, they will have access to the content through the ACPE expiration date.  

Are extensions possible for this product that I have not yet completed?

For Recertification and Certification Preparation coursework, deadlines cannot receive extensions. ASHP remains compliant with course guidelines provided by ACPE and BPS. The deadlines for accessing your coursework are not flexible. For any questions or for any requests that you believe are not a result of hard deadlines, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]. If phone call is preferred, please include your phone number when initiating your quote request via email.

For General CE subscriptions and Professional Certificate Programs, please feel free to submit a request to [email protected] for review. You should receive a response within 48 hours.

I am purchasing for my Institution. What are my pricing and administrator options?

Please contact ASHP Sales and Business Development for pricing/quote options. If phone call is preferred, please include your phone number when initiating your quote request via email.

How do I transfer my CE purchase to my colleague?

CE Enrollments are non-transferable. If you purchased on your own account in error, please feel free to notify Customer Relations via phone, email, or chat. We are happy to assist with correcting this error. Do not access or utilize the contents of this product until we are able to accommodate your correction requested.

Where do I go to complete the Certification/Recertification Product that I recently purchased?

Access your enrollment here: under “View Your Enrollments/Purchases Below”

CE Enrollments

What is the difference between Certification Preparation and Recertification Activities?

Certification Preparation – Study Materials offered by ASHP to assist with your intent to take the Board Certification Exam for a BPS Specialty. ASHP does not offer the Certification Exam, but our Certification Preparation Coursework is an ideal fit for your preparation needs.
Recertification Activities are credit hours that can be purchased and completed to contribute to BPS requirements for maintaining your certification in one or more specialties.
For more information on Specialties that ASHP offers Professional Development Options for:

I would like two different Recertification Plans. Is there a package option?

Unfortunately, ASHP does not offer bundled Recertification Plans at this time. You must purchase a plan for each Specialty that you are interested in maintaining a certification in. Some of the coursework that you receive access to in your Recertification Plan may allow you to claim credit for multiple specialties, however. For more information:

What if I want to cancel my Subscription?

Subscriptions cannot be cancelled upon enrollment. For more information, refer to the Terms and Conditions Agreement offered to you at the time of enrollment. Once enrolled, subscribers are obligated to the full balance agreed upon. Failure to pay the balance obligation may result in penalties to your ASHP Account.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Subscriptions will not automatically renew. If you are interested in renewing your subscription, please feel free to reach out to Customer Relations via phone, email, or online chat.

Is it possible to pause my Recertification Plan until I need more credits?

Recertification Plans cannot be paused. Consider utilizing your access to apply credits to your subsequent Recertification Cycle. Regardless of when your credit requirements are satisfied, full payment of your Recertification Plan must be paid in full.
Note that some of our Specialties do offer a 1-Year Recertification Plan option that you can renew year-to-year:

What are the requirements for my Recertification?

Visit the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) for more information: and then consult our Certifications Team ([email protected]) with any questions about how to take advantage of ASHP Resources. Customer Relations can also clarify product inquiries via phone: 866-279-0681.

How many credits will I be able to take this year?

There are a set number of credits possible within a year. You must visit the Product Listing for your Specialty to view the schedule relevant for you. [Video Tutorial in Development]

How many questions are on the Practice Exam?

The total number of practice exam questions differs by specialty. They can generally range between 100 – 150 questions. Practice exams may be taken as many times as the learner would like. Each question on the practice exam includes a rationale explaining the correct answer, references supporting the correct answer and mapping from the applicable BPS Exam Content Outline.

Why does this course say “No Recert?”

Be sure to look out for this notice if you are looking for Recertification credit. Products that state No Recertification are not meant to be utilized for BPS (Specialty) Recertification.

Resuming a Recertification Plan after a prolonged Credit Hold.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retroactively regain months of access missed as a result of outstanding balance penalties. If you have an outstanding balance interfering with accessing new enrollments, contact Customer Relations to acknowledge the balance due and receive payment steps. Within 24 hours, your balance can be brought up to date for all missed monthly payments and then your enrollment access restored.

Pausing a Recertification Plan once credit requirements are met.

ASHP does not have a pause feature for Recertification Plans. Your enrollment will continue through the originally agreed upon timeframe. Consider applying the remainder of your plan to your upcoming Recertification Cycle.

Switching your Recertification Plan(s) from the 1-Year Cycle to the 3-Year Cycle or vice versa.

If you have made this purchase within the past 48 hours, please contact Customer Relations for assistance. If you have had your Recertification Plan for some time, it is not possible to upgrade this existing plan to a different cycle type. Please feel free to contact [email protected] regarding extenuating circumstances.

Member Rate to Non-Member Rate or vice versa.

All Certification Subscriptions offer Member and Non-Member Rates. ASHP runs a report that updates your subscription to match your Membership Status twice a year. If you notice an increase in charges monthly, your Membership may have lapsed resulting in a change from Member to Non-Member Pricing for your monthly Recertification payments. Re-enrolling in Membership will correct this price increase. Simply notify Customer Relations upon re-enrolling to have your order manually updated before the bi-annual report.

When should I enroll in the RRRP if based on my exam date?

Learners should enroll in the RRRP based on their personal preference, taking into consideration how long they plan to study prior to their exam date. Enrollment into the plans is not available between 8/31 and 10/1, as we take it offline during that time to set up for the next calendar year. An example of the timing works as such:

  • If they enroll in the plan by 8/31/21, then they would be expected to take the certification exam in 2021 calendar year and payments would begin in January of 2022
  • If they enroll in the plan on or after 10/1/21, then they would be expected to take the exam 2022 calendar year and payments would begin in January of 2023

What courses will I receive as Study Materials within the RRRP?

ASHP Certification Preparation Materials normally sold independently are potential materials redeemable when enrolling in the Review and Recertification Reward Program. More information can be viewed when enrolling in the RRRP here:

Will this credit be accepted by my State?

ACPE continuing education credit is provided and outlined per activity. Please check with your state Board of Pharmacy if you are unsure if this credit will be accepted for your continuing education needs.

Does this credit meet the BPS requirements for Certification/Recertification?

Yes (this would only apply to our recertification courses). ASHP is an approved provider of recertification credit for “Add specialty name here” for the Board of Pharmacy Specialties.

Where do I go to complete the Certificate Program that I recently purchased?

Access your enrollment here: under “View Your Enrollments/Purchases Below”

How will I receive my Certificate for this program?

Once a learner completes the entire certificate program in the LMS, they will be able to print out a PDF version of the professional certificate. This will also be stored on their LMS transcript page, if they ever need to print it out again.

I submitted my final assignment for my Certificate Program and have not received a response after the indicated 14 days for review.

Our LMS does not prompt a learner that their submission has been graded. We instruct learners to login back into the website and pull up their initial submission to see if our expert reviewers left them any additional comments to follow up with. We are moving away from this submission requirement for most of our programs, and will be eliminating this step, and replacing it with an online comprehensive multiple choice final exam. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding which programs will update in the near future.

If I receive this certificate, how long is it good for and will I have to recertify?

Once a professional certificate is earned, it never expires. We do not require learners to participate again. Our programs are not BPS certified and do not require recertification.

What are video requirements?

YouTube video upload requirements:

All videos should be reviewed prior to submission to ensure the critical components of each demonstration are clearly visible and identified. Reviewers will not approve any submissions that are difficult to access or view to verify technique(s).

  • Sterile Product Preparation Certificate demonstration videos # 1-5 should not exceed 10 minutes. Demonstration #6, which is the media fill video, should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted videos and the appropriate links to access each unlisted video should be provided to reviewer on submission form.
  • A separate unlisted video should be created and uploaded to YouTube ( for each practice exercise. Do not combine multiple demonstrations into one video submission.
  • Each video should be titled with learner name, date, and specific demonstration on YouTube.
  • At beginning of video, learner should:
    • clearly identify self (show face)
    • state complete name and date
    • specify demonstration he/she will be performing
  • Use adequate lighting so video is clearly visible.
  • Video should clearly show learner completing critical components of exercise(s) so reviewer can easily assess technique. (i.e. Do not submit video that shows the back of someone’s head while he/she is working in the hood demonstrating aseptic technique. Reviewer needs to clearly see the learner’s hand placement to review and approve aseptic technique.)

Will this Certificate Program count towards my Certification in this topic?

We only offer this type of CE credit for one certificate program, and that is the L19778 Medication Safety Certificate. This activity meets the criteria of the Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety for CPPS CE hours.

Below are the instructions for accessing your subscription. As discussed, this subscription gives you access to up to 40 hours of credit. You can take them whenever convenient to you and you are not required to complete all 40 hours. However, any credit hour that you do choose to complete, you will need to complete every step within the course to claim your credit.

To access your subscription:

  1. Login to using your email and new password
  2. Click on "My Learning Activities"
  3. Scroll down until you see "" and click on this link
  4. Choose from the list of courses by taking a look at the summaries provided within each course

To Claim Credit after completing a course:

  1. Return to the course by clicking on "My Learning Activities," "" and then the name of the course.
  2. Scroll down and make sure that each blue link under "Activities" (i.e. "Assessment," "Evaluation," "Claim") have green check marks beside them.
  3. Click the blue square labeled "Claim" and input your NABP e-profile ID# and follow the steps listed. (This step will only need to be done once and will automate for all subsequent courses.)
  4. Once you see the "Print" button option, your credit is claimed and you can access your Certificate of Completion PDF by clicking "Print." This is the certificate you will need to send to PTCB.

To create an NABP e-profile ID, you will need to access Any assistance needed while on their site can be directed here:
Any questions about your subscription or eLearning can be directed to Customer Service or eLearning directly at [email protected].
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AHFS CDI offers:

  • Access to drug shortages information, anytime, anywhere
  • Quick clinical window—fast access to the most comprehensive, evidence-based drug information
  • Searchable and scalable database where you can search the index or perform a full-text search
  • Ability to create user-specific favorites and add notes
  • Thousands of monographs with links  to more than 56,000 sources of supporting evidence, drawn from 89,000 cited references
  • Extensive real-time linking to relevant related resources, including a dozen databases, with more to come
  • In-depth, unbiased coverage of off-label uses
  • Seamlessly incorporated latest FDA safety data
  • Calculate appropriate prescription dosages based on age, weight and other patient factors.

AHFS Drug Information Print now includes Access to AHFS Clinical Drug Information App For Individual Purchase Only


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  2. Enter your username and password. (You will be prompted for a username and password to access any of the electronic-only monographs. The username and password changes with the publication of each printed edition. You can find them in the current edition in the AHFS Preface, or in the AHFS Index.)