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Peeling Back the Layers of Layered Learning: An Outpatient Perspective

August 30, 2023


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This podcast provides an engaging interview with three outpatient pharmacist perspectives on the layered learning practice model. They will share insight into the benefits and challenges of incorporating a layered learning model in the outpatient setting.


Monica GreenMonica Green, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCACP, CDCES, (she/her) received her PharmD from Texas Southern University. She was inspired to complete an ambulatory care residency at Parkland Health & Hospital Systems to help address healthcare disparities. She first practiced as a clinical pharmacist and was later promoted to clinical manager. She is currently an operations manager for UTMB Health, and her role has expanded to include transitions of care, retail and specialty pharmacy services.

Kristy Brittain, PharmD, BCPS, CDCES, (she/her) earned her PharmD from the Wilkes University School of Pharmacy and completed a post graduate year 1 pharmacy practice residency in community care with Campbell University. Brittain is an associate professor at the MUSC College of Pharmacy and a clinical pharmacy specialist with MUSC Health-Charleston Ambulatory Pharmacy Services. She specializes in preventative care programs, employer-based wellness, and PGY1 community-based residency training. She leads a layered learning rotation that incorporates IPPE and APPE students and PGY1 pharmacy residents.

Jennifer WisniewskiJennifer Wisniewski, PharmD, BCPS, (she/her) is an assistant professor at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy where she coordinates a series of laboratory courses teaching health-systems pharmacy practice. After starting her career as a critical care clinical specialist, Wisniewski embraced her passion for education and transitioned to a faculty position. She believes training adept practitioners with strong interprofessional skills who are practice-ready requires a well-designed environment steeped in educational theory and evidence-based pedagogy.

The information presented during the podcast reflects solely the opinions of the presenter. The information and materials are not, and are not intended as, a comprehensive source of drug information on this topic. The contents of the podcast have not been reviewed by ASHP, and should neither be interpreted as the official policies of ASHP, nor an endorsement of any product(s), nor should they be considered as a substitute for the professional judgment of the pharmacist or physician.