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ISMP Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals #3 - Weighing patients and using only metric units

Broadcast Date: August 13, 2021


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Speakers will discuss ISMP Best Practice #3 regarding weighing patients and using only metric units. This best practice is to prevent inaccurate dosing that can lead to medication errors. The process used at one health system to implement these recommendations will be shared.


Jan Greer-CarneyJan Greer-Carney is the Director of Nutrition Services at Concord Hospital. She earned her Bachelor of Science at the University of New Hampshire, her Master of Science at the University of New Haven, and her MBA at the University of New Hampshire.

Jan became passionate about accurate weights after experiencing numerous patient safety issues.

In 2016, Jan received the STAR Award from Concord Hospital for her work on “Patient Measured Weights in Metric on Admission”.

Elizabeth WadeElizabeth Wade, Pharm.D., BCPS, FASHP, is the Medication Safety Officer for Concord Hospital in New Hampshire.  She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from Northeastern University, and completed a Pharmacy Practice Residency and Medication Use Safety Residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.  For ASHP, she has served in the SICP Advisory Group on Medication Safety, House of Delegates, and Council on Pharmacy Practice. 


The information presented during the podcast reflects solely the opinions of the presenter. The information and materials are not, and are not intended as, a comprehensive source of drug information on this topic. The contents of the podcast have not been reviewed by ASHP, and should neither be interpreted as the official policies of ASHP, nor an endorsement of any product(s), nor should they be considered as a substitute for the professional judgment of the pharmacist or physician.