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​Commission on Goals

The ASHP Commission on Goals reviews trends in healthcare delivery and advises ASHP on broad strategic and health policy issues that have a bearing on pharmacy practice.

2023 ASHP Commission on Goals

Thomas Johnson Chair North Dakota
Linda Tyler Vice Chair Utah
Paul Abramowitz   Maryland
Amanda Brummel   Minnesota
Rich Caruana   Washington
Kathy Chappell   Maryland
Micah Cost   Tennessee
Christopher Hatwig   Texas
Todd Henderson   Kansas
John Komenda   Wisconsin
Tom Leary   Virginia
Patsy McNeil   Maryland
Stephen Mullenix   Colorado
Parth Patel   Massachusetts
Ken Perez   California
Chris Rochon   New Hampshire
Scott Rochowiak   Minnesota
Shannon Sims   Illinois
Lisa Stump   Connecticut
Sara Van Driest   Tennessee
Kasey Thompson Secretary Maryland

Reports of the Commission on Goals

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