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Previous Practice Journey Episodes

TITLE Broadcast Date
This Isn’t Exactly How I Pictured it Happening: Leadership During Unusual Times March 9, 2022
Conversation with Katelyn Dervay January 25, 2022
Veterans Day Tribute: Stories of Service to Country and the Profession November 8, 2021
The Larger Impact of Extern and Fellow Projects on ASHP Initiatives November 5, 2021
Enjoying the Journey: Time with New Practitioners Forum and Practical Advice for Your Career October 15, 2021
A Life Undefined by Cancer: A Conversation with Dr. Joshua Raub October 14, 2021
Hispanic Heritage Month: Caring for the Hispanic/Latinx Population During a Pandemic and Beyond October 8, 2021
Unique Roles in Specialty Pharmacy: Compliance and Health Outcomes September 24, 2021
Experiences of a Medical Science Liaison September 3, 2021
Ask the Experts: Tips for Quickly Evaluating Literature August 31, 2021
Catalyst for Healthcare Change – Pharmacists Leading Evidence Based Practice Advancement August 25, 2021
CV Development for Non-Traditional Career Paths - Medical Writing and Informatics July 30, 2021
Learner Line-Up: Recommendations for New Preceptors July 28, 2021
Navigating the Residency Process as a LGBTQ Applicant June 29, 2021
Traversing through a career journey as LGBTQ pharmacy students and residents June 25, 2021
A Love Letter to Mika: Reflections on a Long Journey June 17, 2021
Making that Leap from Professional Dance to Pharmacy June 11, 2021
CV Development for Non-Traditional Career Paths - Industry and Consulting June 4, 2021
Tips and Tricks to Nail the Interview: Advice from the New Practitioner’s Forum May 21, 2021
Leadership in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice: Looking Back and Looking Ahead May 19, 2021
Navigating and Thriving in Phase 2 and the “Scramble” March 22, 2021
You’ve Matched!…Now What? March 19, 2021
Ready, Set, Match! March 8, 2021
From Practice to Politics: An ASHP Member’s Transition to a New Public Service February 26, 2021
Patient Care to Global Health: Exploring a Non-Traditional Pharmacy Career Path January 4, 2021
A Look into ASHP’s Executive Fellowship in Association Leadership and Management Experience December 22, 2020
Student Perspectives: Navigating the Virtual Residency Showcase and PPS for Prospective Residents December 2, 2020
Tips and Tricks for a Successful Virtual Midyear Meeting Advice from the New Practitioners Forum November 23, 2020
Leadership in a Time of Change: Caring for Yourself, Your Patients, and Your Team November 18, 2020
Future Pharmacy Leaders: Lessons and Advice from the Editors of Letters from Leaders in Pharmacy November 16, 2020
Please Mute Your Line: Steps to Elevate Your Communication Style November 12, 2020
A Salute to our Veterans: Reflections on Service to Country and Community November 10, 2020
Student Perspectives: Navigating Virtual Fellowship Recruitment - Advice from Fellowship Program Leaders November 6, 2020
Research in Pharmacy: Professional Poster Presentations Advice for Students and New Practitioners November 2, 2020
Effectively Leading Change: Application of Change Management with Front Line Leaders October 28, 2020
Student Perspectives - Etiquette Tips for Virtual Interviews and Networking During Residency Season October 26, 2020
Student Perspectives: Virtual Residency Recruitment - Advice from Residency Program Leaders October 26, 2020
Educator Essentials: Creating precepting habits that stick October 21, 2020
The Health Design Lab, Bank Vaults and Rob Pugliese’s Practice Journey October 21, 2020
ASHP Women in Pharmacy Leadership: Ambulatory Care Practice and Career Journey October 16, 2020
Hispanic Heritage Month: Si se puede - A mantra to live your life by October 15, 2020
Hispanic Heritage Month: Cultural competence and why it matters in healthcare October 14, 2020 
Hispanic Heritage Month: Why don’t my providers look like me? A conversation on representation October 12, 2020
Women in Pharmacy Leadership: Importance of Leaders with Clinical Skills October 12, 2020
Educator Essentials: The importance of a growth mindset October 5, 2020
Student Perspectives: A Look at ASHP’s Virtual Summer Internship Experience October 2, 2020
Educator Essentials: Five key concepts to consider when implementing Socratic dialogue in your precepting practice September 28, 2020
Proactive Practice Advancement: Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional – A conversation with Marianne Ivey and Amanda Lyon September 25, 2020
Pursuing a Career in Pharmacy Administration: Advice from a Current Leader September 21, 2020
Proactive Practice Advancement: Strengths of Being Nimble During A Global Pandemic – A conversation with Patricia Kienle and Armando Cortes September 18, 2020
Educator Essentials: Keep Calm, Its Just Feedback September 15, 2020
Proactive Practice Advancement: Leading with Confidence – A conversation with Daniel Ashby and Niaz Deyhim September 11, 2020
Executing Your Executive Presence September 8, 2020
Developing Emerging Leaders Leveraging ASHP Resources September 4, 2020
Career Transitions & Advice When Transitioning from Student to New Practitioner August 28, 2020
Managing the Transition from Front Line to Leadership August 19, 2020
CV Pearls for New Practitioners: The Do’s and Don’ts August 18, 2020
Tips and Tricks for Staying Updated on Best Practices and Literature August 4, 2020
Implementation of an Opioid Stewardship Program at an Academic Medical Center July 31, 2020 
A Look into ASHP’s Newest Section of Pharmacy Educators July 23, 2020
Manuscript Mysteries: Unlocking Unanswered Questions from an Editor’s Perspective July 14, 2020
Life is Not Linear: AJHP Editor Daniel Cobaugh’s Reflections on His Career, Advocating for LGBTQ People, and Loving Exactly Who You Are July 14, 2020
Exploring a Pharmacy Leader’s Journey in Practice and Her Experiences as a Lesbian Woman: An Interview with Lindsey Kelley June 29, 2020
Exploring a Couple’s Unique Experiences as Pharmacy Leaders and Dads: An Interview with Jorge Garcia and Leyner Martinez June 24, 2020
Exploring a Pharmacy Technician Leader’s Journey in Pharmacy Practice and His Experiences as a Gay Man: An Interview with Glen Gard June 22, 2020
Exploring a Transgender Man’s Journey in Pharmacy Practice: An Interview with Alexander Gilmer June 19, 2020
Critically Analyzing Clinical Services to Maximize Impact and Improve Efficiency June 15, 2020
Best Practices for Preparing and Presenting a Journal Club June 10, 2020
Pharmacy Leadership: Coaching and Leading Frontline Staff June 1, 2020 
ASHP Women in Pharmacy Leadership: Optimizing Opportunities for a Successful Career March 2, 2020
Black History Month: African-American Women Pharmacy Leaders in History February 28, 2020
The Role of Pharmacy Schools at HBCUs in U.S. Healthcare
Shifting from a Clinical to a Manager/Leadership Position, Advice and Suggestions for how to make the Transition  
Traversing Midyear, Interviews, The Match, and More - A PGY2 EM Perspective Part II  
Traversing Midyear, Interviews, The Match, and More – A PGY2 EM Perspective Part I  
Get Ready: Tips and Tricks for the Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition