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2024 Episodes

Title Broadcast Date
Pharmacy-driven performance improvement initiative to increase compliance with intravenous smart pump drug error reduction systems at a large urban academic medical center
May 10
Operationalizing the new DEA exception: A novel process for dispensing of methadone for opioid use disorder at discharge from acute care settings Mar. 27
Training the next generation of peer reviewers: Steps for guiding pharmacy learners through the peer review process
Feb. 28
Screening for Quality with Process Analytical Technology in a Health System Pharmacy - A Primer Feb. 1
2024 Pharmacy Forecast Report Jan. 17

2023 Episodes

Title Broadcast Date
Recent and anticipated novel drug approvals for 2023 and 2024 Dec. 2
Development of complexity categories for an investigational drug services complexity scoring tool to assess pharmacy effort in clinical trial initiation and maintenance Nov. 25
A Hospital Within A Hospital: An Innovative Pharmacy Model to Improve the Continuum of Care
Nov. 1
Description of patient questions received by clinical pharmacists in the Nudge Study
Sept. 16
Obstetric Clinical Pharmacy: A Necessary Birth of a New Specialty
August 1
Payer Site of Care Mandates with Oncology Medications: It's Time to Demand Payer Accountability on Behalf of Patients
July 21 
2022 ASHP Survey of Health-System Specialty Pharmacy Practice: Clinical Services
July 3
ASHP National Survey of Pharmacy Practice in Hospital Settings: Workforce — 2022 June 15
Considerations for Implementation of Vancomycin Bayesian Software Monitoring in a Level IV NICU Population Within a Multisite Health System
May 24
Implementation of radio-frequency identification technology to optimize medication inventory management in the intraoperative setting Mar. 13
Evaluation of Insulin Requirements with Initiation of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Agonists and Sodium-Glucose Co-transporter-2 Inhibitors: A Retrospective Cohort Trial Mar. 3
2023 Pharmacy Forecast Report Jan. 27
Women in Pharmacy Leadership: The Journey Continues Jan. 25

2022 Episodes