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Pharmacogenomic Considerations for Pain Management

July 6, 2023


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As approaches to pain management evolve, it is a natural progression to consider the influence and role pharmacogenomics play in optimizing patient medication regimens. In this episode, our content matter experts discuss pharmacogenomic testing, resources and education surrounding pain management.  


Hojung JangHojung Jang (he/him)is a 2024 PharmD Candidate of ISU/UAA campus, who is enthusiastic about Proper Medication practice.



Tristan UnderwoodTristan Underwood (she/her) completed a bachelor’s in biochemistry in 2017 and is a current third year pharmacy student at the Idaho State University Doctor of Pharmacy program in Anchorage, Alaska. Her current research focuses on pain management, alleviating rural health inequities, and pharmacogenomics. Upon graduation, Tristan will pursue a pharmacy residency and subsequent specialty residency with a secondary focus in pharmacogenomics. 

Megan PennerrMegan Penner, PharmD, (she/her) graduated from the University of Kansas College of Pharmacy and subsequently completed a PGY1 pharmacy residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Megan is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Idaho State University College of Pharmacy’s Anchorage campus. She practices as an inpatient clinical pharmacist. She teaches throughout the pharmacy curriculum and hosts IPPE and APPE rotations at her practice site.

Jared BarrottrJared Barrott, PhD, (he/him) is a cancer pharmacologist that specializes in personalized medicines for rare bone and muscle cancers. He teaches pharmacy students and graduate students principles of pharmacogenomics that apply across many disciplines. Dr. Barrott is a certified instructor in the Test2Learn Pharmacogenomics certificate program. 

Renee RobinsonRenee Robinson, PharmD, MPH, MSPharm, (she/her) is associate professor, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy and a former commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service. She completed her PharmD at the University of Georgia, a residency at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, an NIH clinical research fellowship, and a pediatric pharmacotherapy fellowship at The Ohio State University. Her research has focused on addressing health disparities of underserved communities, working to establish health equity.

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